Interview with poet and performance artist Sophie Seita on 3AM Magazine

An essay, 'Surrealism and Contemporary Poetry'  published on Shuddhashar

'Big Brother's Little Brother' [on New Boots and Pantisocracies']

Collaboration with Andrew Taylor 'Warehouse Tapes' [on Otoliths]

Collaboration with Harry Man

'My Little (Turin) Pony'

Shortlisted for the Melita Hume Prize 2016

'In a Captive Audience of One' and 'Transcript' published at 'The Literateur'

'Secret Poetry: Northumbria Poetry Symposium 2016':  Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

Blackbox Manifold: 'Dust Bath'

'Mog on the Tyne' - On going to a Cat Cafe

Explorations 1

'Box 15' in  Butcher's Dog Issue 7

Eggbox: An Easter Play

English PEN

 The Eyewear Best New British & Irish Poets Anthology 2016  (the Anthology includes my poem 'Amer', originally published in Black Herald)

DATABLEED ZINE: sections from the sequence 'Light Noise'

Prose: 'The End'

A poem: 'Share if you Like'

Eyewear Press: 'Radiator'

A poem of mine on W.N. Herbert and Andy Jackson's New Boots and Pantisocracies Blog, 'The Poll'

Shortlisted for The Melita Hume Poetry Prize 2015 (EYEWEAR PRESS)

Black Herald: 'Amer' and the poem's French translation

Shadowtrain: 'AntiSamsara'

3 AM Magazine: 'Infectious Disease and Cattle', '1024 Farben', 'The Rosetta Limerick'

SJ Fowler's Camardefest 2014: collaboration with Vicky Sparrow

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